Chartership Chat 26th April 2012: Future Skills and the New BPKS

Time: 6.30pm-8pm

Posts: 108

Participants: 15

This week’s chartership chat was on the CILIP Future Skills Work and Body of Professional Knowledge and Skills (BPKS).
It was a somewhat quieter evening than previous weeks to begin with but slowly picked up again and discussion continued until 8pm. @joeyanne has archived the chat at The CILIPquals wiki which contains links to all archives and write ups can be found at

The chat started with a question to define what the BPKS was. My response was “a means to track our own skills and knowledge and to see where we might want to improve/develop those skills”. @johnmcmahon said he thought it was a good way to measure how your personal development meets the librarian competencies. I think he is right there, and that it has some interesting potential for chartership candidates.

There was definite feeling that the old BPKS was somewhat “woolly” and hard to understand and that the new proposed BPKS, while not perfect, was much more user friendly and accessible. People felt they could see themselves using the new BPKS but wouldn’t have used the old one.

@Readyourbook suggested that new members of CILIP could be given a “pack” which would include information about the BPKS, progression and more. This seemed a popular idea with a couple of people mentioning they hadn’t found the pack they had initially received to be all that relevant (or couldn’t even remember what was in it). He also commented he felt that the reason some people felt they had no real connection to CILIP as it can be hard to see the bigger picture. @JennyRidout agreed she had felt that way initially as her area was very quiet and CILIP HQ seemed very remote.

@SimonEdwards75 asked if people thought the BPKS should be unique or inclusive for the whole profession. The feeling seemed to be that it should be as inclusive as possible but allow individuals to make it unique to them/their work areas. I think it is important that everyone can tailor it to their own development needs, whether it is specifically for the role they are in or for developing interests in other areas of the profession.

Discussion then moved on to how people would prefer to access it. The majority seemed keen on web access and some liked to have PDF formats that could be printed off. The possibility of something interactive seemed popular too with @Readyourbook suggesting and animated interactive chart that could zoom in on the slices and “drill down into specifics”.

There was also some interest in a possible mobile app, though it was felt that web would be more useful and accessible initially and the mobile app could be something to consider as a further development. Some comments that not everyone has a smart phone and not everyone uses Apple were brought up as things CILIP should consider when thinking about the app. @ggnewed suggested maybe doing something similar to Evernote which is to have a web service, mobile app and desktop software which all linked together. It would be nice to have a setup where the mobile app could synch with the web so that you always have your information with you.

So how could this link in to chartership, and what about those arriving via ACLIP? @SimonEdwards75 responded saying if it did become incorporated into chartership then perhaps the same should apply to ACLIP?
A few people, myself included, commented that it would be a useful tool for working out PPDPs initially as some were using online examples for ideas. Another suggestion by @JennyRidout was to set candidates the goal of reaching a certain level in a certain number of areas as not everyone would necessarily be able to excel in all areas. I find this an interesting suggestion and could perhaps be a way to make it a bit more measurable. Though it perhaps begs the question; how do we know when we have reached the “next level”?

A thought provoking session all round! The next chat will be on 10th May at 6.30pm. Topic is still to be decided.